Connecting With Us

Increasing of Token Value

Mining profit will be used to buy back the HBX token from markets to burn off as the repayment program.

Best Blockchain Protocol

Using Ethereum ERC20 Standard, we can ensure the most transparency and efficiency software architecture for our HBX token.

Portfolio Management Wallet

Manage investment opportunities between saving, lending and speculating easily on all devices at your fingertips.

Supported by Exchange Platforms

HBX token is compatible with all P2P markets that supported Ethereum blockchain and ready to list on many high reputation exchanges.

General Roadmap

HBXDev Team plans, all protocol related details will be discussed with community

Stage 1

  • - Release of Proof of Concept for the core protocol

  • - Token Generation Event

Token Pre-sale
  • - Token Advance Purchase Agreement

Stage 2

  • - Deliver a Token for Holders

  • - Proof-Of-Stake for Mining Contract

  • - Launch the Token with Smart Contract

Management Team

In our team, not enough people, if you're willing to work with us, fill out the questionnaire.


Wanchalerm Langkawiket

CEO / Founder


Makkhawan Voraboot

Chief Blockchain Officer


Pondet Ananchai

Chief Business Development Officer


Viriyah Langkawiket

Chief Technology Officer